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Product Updates

Like many of our customers, we run on agile development. We’re focused on providing regular updates, improvements, and releases.  See what’s new in ProductPlan and as always, we welcome your feedback.

New Enhancements:

  • Include all comments on Bars and Containers in Roadmap XLS Export
  • You can now resize Bars and Containers from the left side
  • Changes made to dates on Bars and Containers are now tracked in Roadmap History

Previous Releases

New Features: Weekly and Annual Timelines

  • You can now choose more timeline options in the Settings of your Roadmap. In addition to the existing options, you can set a weekly timeline, or an annual one to better align with what you’re planning


  • Allow editing of dates in the Bar Details Dialog
  • Overlap prevention inside Containers when resizing child Bars
  • You can now filter by effort in the Parking Lot
  • Increase font size for tags in Bar Details

New Feature: Dates on Bars

  • Show dates on Bar details for editors. Editors can choose to expose dates on Bars, and can change dates to align Bars.


  • Today line represents end of day, now aligns with milestones
  • Fix for hard to delete JIRA Links when the issue title is long

Enterprise Enhancements:

  • Sort Tags by “Shared” or “Not Shared” on the Enterprise Tag Manager page
  • New icon showing shared tags on the tag dropdown menu for individual Bars


  • Updated billing page to clarify number of licenses when purchasing
  • New vertical ellipsis menu on Bar Details
  • Add ability to hide and show fields on Bar Details

Enterprise Feature Updates

Centralized Tag Management

Manage and standardize tags across multiple Roadmaps and your entire team.

Multiples Administrators

Allow multiple administrators to add users and manage licenses.

Single Sign-On Integration

Make signing in to ProductPlan easier for viewers and editors by integrating with your organization’s single sign-on method. Support for Active Directory, SAML, and more.

Restrict Private Link Access

Require that viewers of private links be authenticated by your organization’s single sign-on method. Or optionally disable private link access altogether.

New Feature: Tag Manager

Easily manage and organize your custom tags for each Roadmap. Under the settings for each Roadmap there is now a Tags section. From here, you can merge existing tags to standardize your Roadmap, quickly edit tag names, or delete tags to keep your list organized. Read More


  • Administrators for team plans can now transfer administrator rights to another team member


  • New Roadmap and Master Plan Settings Dialogs


  • Notifications for Master Plans: Viewers and Editors can follow Master Plans for Notifications
  • Show login instructions when private link is embedded in an iframe and SSO is enabled for private links


  • Fixed horizontal Scrolling for Mac OS users
  • Add an indicator to the Roadmaps page showing when a user is Following a Roadmap
  • Fixed scrolling on Export


  • Notifications: Roadmap Viewers can now turn on or off Notifications about Comments on Bars and Containers
  • Viewers and Editors can choose which Roadmaps they are following for Notifications


  • Copy Roadmap feature now available for all shared editors on a Roadmap


  • Can now include vertical gridlines on Master Plans
  • Added the option to enable/disable Notifications for comment emails


  • Included the option to add a note when Sharing a Roadmap with someone
  • Start and End Dates on Bars and Containers now included in the Planning Board export
  • Editors of a Roadmap now receive Notifications about Comments on Bars and Containers


  • UI changes to make Share dialog more clear
  • Added Title sort for Planning Board and Parking Lot
  • Admins can now filter their list of users that have been added to a Team plan

New Feature: History

History tracks all changes made to Bars and Containers on your Roadmap. The History feature provides an activity log that you can search through and use to determine what changes have been made to your Roadmap, when they were made, and by whom. Read More

New Feature: Team Sharing

Share a Roadmap with your whole team with just one click. People with individual licenses can also now add free viewers to their team plan and benefit from the Team Sharing feature. Read More

New Feature: Move Lanes Between Roadmaps

Reorganize your Roadmaps in ProductPlan by moving Lanes from one Roadmap to another. Click a Lane’s title and select “Move to” in order to move the lane to a different Roadmap. Read More

New Feature: Synchronize Percent Complete With JIRA

You can set ProductPlan to automatically update the Percent Complete on a Bar or Container based on completion within JIRA of either: the number of stories completed in an Epic, or Story points of all stories in an Epic or Issue.

New Feature: Container Persistence

Whether a Container is left open or closed will now remain consistent when you leave a Roadmap page. If you leave Containers expanded when you exit the page, you will no longer have to repeat this action the next time you visit the page.

New Feature: Convert Container to Bar

Right click an empty Container to convert it to a Bar. You can already convert Bars to Containers, now you can do the reverse as well.

New Feature: Change Your Email Address

You can now change your email address by clicking Edit Profile. If you signed up with a personal email address, you can switch to your work domain at any time.


We’ve made it easier to show items on the Planning Board. You can no show or hide Roadmap or Parking Lot items by clicking the new Add to Planning Board button.