This June, we launched the Open Beta for a new Strategy space in ProductPlan. Initially, we focused on helping you set Objectives that act as your high-level strategic goals. Once these goals are in place, you can map them to the work happening across your portfolio of ProductPlan roadmaps.

But a good product strategy should include more than just the outcomes you hope to achieve. It should also include the metrics you use to track progress towards those outcomes and measure success. 

Today, we’re adding a more robust Key Results offering to Strategy in ProductPlan. Initially, you were only able to measure success by the completion of specific projects listed on your roadmap. While this is a great way to measure outputs, it doesn’t give you the full picture. 

With Key Results, we want to give you a way to measure outcomes too. Now, you are able to add and track whatever metrics are most important for each objective. That could be revenue targets or customer adoption goals. 

For tips on setting the right Objectives and Key Results in ProductPlan, refer to our guide here

Once you have your Key Results in place, any updates to progress will be reflected in the high-level view of all Company Objectives as shown below. 

Use this view to easily check the status of your goals and present progress to senior stakeholders. 

For future updates to Strategy in ProductPlan, stay tuned to our release notes.