A space for strategy in ProductPlan

Available in Open Beta today, we’ve launched a new space for you to capture your strategy in ProductPlan. If you’re a Professional or Enterprise customer, you can try it today for free until August 31. All you have to do is login to ProductPlan. Basic customers will need to reach out to support. 

Our goal is to give you a way to connect your strategy to execution. It’s difficult to present your high-level objectives from a roadmap. The story gets lost in a sea of deliverables. Instead, you can now present your high-level objectives in ProductPlan and then show how roadmap deliverables map to each objective. 

For a tour of strategy in ProductPlan, see our latest product updates blog. Or log in today to try it for yourself. We have a support article on hand to help you create your first objectives. 

Navigate our product platform with ease

We’ve added a lot of new functionality to ProductPlan over the past year. You now have a space to capture your strategy and connect to planned work. You can crowdsource new ideas and validate the right opportunities in our discovery space. Also, you can put together a cross-functional launch plan. 

There’s a lot to discover and do. To help, we’ve overhauled our navigation so you can switch between product areas in a flash, zero in on what’s important, and easily get back to where you came from.

We’ve added a sidebar on the left that will display the major areas of ProductPlan you have access to. Some areas, like Discovery, require an Enterprise license to see (unless you’re the admin of an account).

We’ve also added navigation enhancements like bread crumbing so you can easily retrace your steps in app.

Other Enhancements