B2B SaaS Company Using ProductPlan

B2B Saas Company

“We’re realizing if we just spent the time invested in manual updates and put those details into ProductPlan instead, it would save our product managers a lot of effort.”

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Standardization is a scary word that’s viewed as being slow and heavy-handed and stifling innovation, but ProductPlan was an accelerator for us.

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AMN Healthcare

The ProductPlan roadmap gets everything in my brain out into a very digestible picture—being able to articulate my vision and save my sanity makes me feel so much more organized, prepared, and ready

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We’re not making roadmaps because it’s fun. With ProductPlan, our team is spending less time talking about what we’re doing and more time actually doing it.

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ProductPlan has just enough. I don’t want tools that have so much functionality that it’s too hard to learn and never gets used or we only use a fraction of features.

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It was a fit for Geocaching for where we are at and where I anticipate us going. ProductPlan lets us be fast and not overanalyze everything. As we mature our processes, it will be able to evolve along with us.

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From the very beginning, everything about ProductPlan felt so intuitive. I was able to build and share my first roadmap with my team in less than 20 minutes.

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ProductPlan makes it clear how deliverables relate to the big outcomes we want to achieve, with the right level of detail for different audiences.

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Henry Schein

ProductPlan has helped us improve the business by giving us back our time to think strategically—not tactically—about how to share information.

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