As of Thursday, 2/8/24, we are releasing a number of enhancements to all plan types to move our platform beyond roadmapping for all teams and roles, no matter your size or product maturity. Let’s break it down plan by plan:

For Our Enterprise Users

Over the past few months, we have been rolling out enhancements to our various product areas to allow our Enterprise customers to utilize Teams better across the ProductPlan platform. The wait is finally over. Now, Enterprise users can associate & filter unlimited Teams with every product area. Product Strategy, Product Discovery, Roadmaps, and Launch Management—are all included. Your teams can stay focused and aligned on what truly matters to them, whether it is relevant launch plans, portfolio views, and/or ideas and opportunities.

If you aren’t already using Teams, read our support article here to learn how to get started!

For Our Professional Users

Continuing our beyond roadmapping theme, Professional customers are gaining limited access to our Product Discovery and Launch Management features! We wanted to make ProductPlan more useful to growing teams who would derive immense value from being able to manage their entire product lifecycle within our platform, and this is a path to that. On top of this, users get the same enhanced Teams access as Enterprise, so begin associating and filtering Teams across the entire platform!

If you’re a Professional plan admin and need to create more than three Teams, consider chatting with us about upgrading to our Enterprise plan!

For Our Basic Users

In this release, we are adding Account Standardizations and Custom Fields to the Basic Plan. Now Account Admins can create five custom text fields, five custom drop-down fields and utilize unlimited shared legends. This added functionality will ensure your roadmaps are aligned across your account while setting yourself and your users up for success as your team grows!

There’s so much in store in future releases. Stay tuned!