We are connecting Strategy and Discovery in ProductPlan! Professional and Enterprise customers are now able to connect Objectives in Product Strategy to Opportunities in our Product Discovery space from either object.

How it works

On Thursday, 4/18/24, we released several enhancements to connect your work in Product Discovery to the Strategic goals you will help drive. The main feature: Editors on Enterprise and Professional accounts can now connect Opportunities to Objectives. This can occur in both our Strategy and Discovery spaces, from individual Opportunities or Objectives.

To support this additional functionality, the UI for individual Opportunities and Objectives has been improved to better show these new connections:

An opportunity view in ProductPlan with connected objectives

Why did we build it?

Our users and product teams consistently aim to align their work with their broader product vision and strategic goals. To enhance this alignment, we wanted to closely connect Product Strategy and Product Discovery, allowing our customers to easily see which Opportunities are the problems to solve to achieve their overall business goals.

Opportunities are where users should build their business use cases. This release enables our users to easily hold discussions on which large initiatives can drive their OKRs. Furthermore, we provide the necessary insights into what initiatives drive their OKRs for initial prioritization and their status throughout their execution.

We’re working hard to continue building out our entire product management platform, so stay tuned for even more product updates!