We are officially introducing our API V2, providing API support to our Strategy, Discovery, and Launch features. We are also bringing our Teams feature to our Basic plan.

How it works

As of Thursday, 3/13/24, we are releasing our API V2. In our API V1, our users could only connect to Roadmap endpoints. We wanted our users to be able to connect to our entire platform via our API, not just our Roadmaps feature. With API V2, it’s a more accessible and more robust offering to our customers.

In addition to the updates to our API, we are bringing our Teams feature to our Basic plans. To assist our customers in their growth journey, we wanted to give our Basic users access to Teams to set them up for success as their teams grow. Let’s break it down by each enhancement:

Introducing API V2

Our users can now connect to Strategy, Discovery, and Launch endpoints in addition to our existing Roadmap functionality. Through the use of APIs, our customers can now experience reduced manual labor for automated processes and a reduction in the potential for data mismatch.

To see the complete list of endpoints and official documentation, click here.

Note: Do customers on V1 APIs need to do anything to access the V2 API? In the long term, we’d like all customers to use the V2 endpoints. However, we will continue to support V1 endpoints to allow these changes to be made before deprecating support. We will contact clients on the V1 API set to ensure they have enough time to make any needed changes.

Teams for Basic Plans

Continuing our beyond roadmapping theme from the last release, Basic plan users now gain access to one Team in their accounts. Considering all of the enhancements we’ve made to Teams and their functionality within ProductPlan, we found it prudent to expand this feature beyond our Professional and Enterprise plans.

With this addition to Basic plans, we hope to set users up for success on their growth journey and align best practices for all plans, no matter their users’ stage in their ProductPlan journey.

If you aren’t already using Teams, read our support article here to learn how to get started!