Last month, we released Strategy into Open Beta. It’s a brand new space in ProductPlan to capture your high-level goals and track progress towards them. 

As an Open Beta product, we’re excited to continue fine-tuning functionality and adding new features. Today, we’re adding the ability to track objective progress by the percent complete of the bars and containers in your roadmap. 

At launch, you were only able to track objective progress by viewing the number of completed bars and containers associated with that objective. For a roadmap bar to be “complete”, its end date needs to be prior to today’s date. 

You can now choose to track objective progress by the aggregated percent complete of all bars and containers mapped to that objective. This means any bars or containers that have a percent complete value will count towards the total completion percentage of the overall objective. 

This is an ideal way to track progress for those customers that rely on our Jira and ADO integrations to push percent complete updates to their roadmaps. It’s a great way to automate progress tracking. Easily keep your high-level objectives in Strategy up to date. 

Other Changes: