We are excited to release two enhancements that encompass both our roadmaps and launch management features. Each of these enhancements will contribute to a better experience for you and your teams.


Our first enhancement is how filtering behaves for dropdown fields within your ProductPlan roadmap. There will be no visible interface updates however, it will make your filtering experience more consistent.

What can I expect?

An admin has the ability to create up to two dropdown fields to appear for bars and containers across all roadmaps in your organization. When a dropdown field has a filter applied, in addition to the excluded labels, we will also exclude unlabeled bars for that dropdown field. If a dropdown field has no filters applied, we will include bars with no label assigned for that dropdown field. This filtering can be observed in all roadmap views and layouts. 

Launch Management

As a launch manager, you want to easily see what is most relevant. With today’s enhancement, the Launch Dashboard will reorder launches to appear by date in descending order, with the earliest launch at the top. 

This same logic is applied to each task created within the Launch Checklist. If there are multiple sections within your checklist, each section will be reordered in descending order, with the earliest task list appearing at the top.