We are officially introducing Task Links into our Launch Management space. Task Links allow users to easily attach and access any deliverables associated with a task via a URL link.

How it works

On Tuesday, 4/2/24, we released Task Links for Launch Tasks. Editors on Enterprise and Professional accounts can now add URL links to their tasks within the Launch space.

To support this additional functionality, the UI for editing a task has been upgraded—now all edits to a task are made in a “drawer” element, which opens on click of the task row. A couple of notes on this update:

Why did we build it?

All types of users engage with the Launch Management space within ProductPlan. Launches are massive cross-functional undertakings, with multiple teams, departments, or even organizations involved in getting a product to the point. A lot of artifacts that need to be tracked and shared with all relevant stakeholders throughout the launch should be linked to specific tasks within the launch.

With this update, all stakeholders can find what they need within the Launch space. Task owners can submit their deliverables within the tool, and Launch owners can find those same deliverables in the platform. Most importantly, all users with access to the Launch (Editors and Viewers) know where to find important assets related to the Launch.

We have a lot of exciting releases coming in the future, so stay tuned for more product updates!