Initiatives frequently depend upon other initiatives. In ProductPlan, we help you visualize those dependencies with Connections. Connections let you callout when initiatives require or are required by other work within a given roadmap, or across multiple roadmaps.

That said, we know that your initiatives don’t only live within ProductPlan. In fact, many of our customers keep their initiatives synced between ProductPlan and their dev-ops platforms like Jira. When that’s the case, we want to make sure relationships between initiatives remain in sync whether regardless of what tool you’re working in.

Today, we’re introducing the ability to sync Connections in ProductPlan with linked Jira issues through our Jira integration. This will help you avoid manually adding Connections to bars or containers that have been imported from Jira. It will also allow you to edit your Connections in ProductPlan, and then have those changes auto-update in Jira.

To start, go to a roadmap and click on the roadmap’s Settings modal. You must have your Jira integration set up first. Click on the Integrations tab then find the “Sync Blocking Links” item. Click on the checkbox next to it to enable the sync.

Once you’ve enabled syncing, you can then import Jira issues that have a “Blocked / Is Blocked By” link created between them. These issues will be imported as roadmap bars with established Connections ready to go.

Conversely, when a connection is created between two bars on a roadmap, a “Blocked / Is Blocked By” link can be created when you click on “Push to Jira” for one of the bars. This can be found in line with the associated Jira issue that is shown in the Integrations tab of the bar details.

Moving forward, we’re excited to provide similar functionality for our ADO integration. More on that at a later date.