Archived Product Management Webinars


product management and marketing

Building an Amazing Product Management + Marketing Relationship

Learn how product managers and marketers can best divide their responsibilities.

Product Success

Plan, Execute, and Measure Your Way to Product Success

The Product Stack (a coalition of PMs) share tips for building customer-centric products.

tying roadmap strategy to agile planning

Tying Roadmap Strategy to Agile Planning

Learn how to connect your long term strategic plan with your agile backlog.


Roadmap Q&A With Startup Veterans

Jim Semick from ProductPlan and Kevin Steigerwald from Notion answer you tough roadmap questions.


3 Ways to Structure Your Roadmap

How do your structure your roadmap to better communicate your product strategy?

ProductPlan Webinar (25 minutes)

ProductPlan Demo (25 minutes)

Watch our full demonstration and learn how to plan, visualize and share your roadmap with ProductPlan.

Data-Driven Roadmaps

Building Data-Driven Roadmaps

Jim Semick of ProductPlan and Eric Boduch of Pendo cover how to define product goals and measure success.

Stakeholder Alignment

Aligning Stakeholders on Strategy

Building consensus on product direction among various stakeholders is challenging. Here are some tips.