This Thursday we are enhancing features in both our roadmapping tool and Launch Management Checklist. Within the roadmapping tool, you will now have the ability to easily search and return results for a specific roadmap within the index search page. For Launch Management, you will be able to edit launch owners from the launch dashboard. Let’s learn more.

Enhancing your search experience

When searching for a specific roadmap on the index page search within ProductPlan, the search results will now return the folder in which the roadmap appears within. This enables you to open the folder and view the roadmap faster, reducing the time and extra clicks required to view your desired roadmap.

Editing your launch owners

Today, you have the ability to add a launch owner from the Launch Dashboard. By default, the launch creator are the owners. The owner can be updated to a different user or removed altogether. This will help you to identify a point of contact for a specific launch within your company.

With this week’s enhancements you will be able to access your information faster, while establishing ownership over launch activities.