What We’ve Learned from User Feedback: Enhancing Our Platform

Adam Seubert
COO at ProductPlan

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At ProductPlan, we’re constantly striving to improve our products and services to better meet user needs. That’s why we were so excited to release our first-ever customer survey last month.

Our customer survey was a pivotal step in our journey to thoroughly understand our customers’ challenges when using our platform. By focusing on these areas, we can ensure that our product strategy is not only customer-centric but also aligned with our users’ needs and expectations.

In our customer survey, we asked users about:

Our product team cares deeply about building a product that exceeds expectations. We want to lead by example and ensure we put our customers first with a customer-led product strategy. Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering, and we are dedicated to making the changes that matter most to you.

While our product team is working hard behind the scenes to implement what we’ve learned, we wanted to share some of our key findings and takeaways from the survey.

What we learned from the customer survey results

The survey revealed invaluable insights into how people use our product management software and what value it provides to product teams across various industries. Most importantly, our product team wanted to know what areas of ProductPlan met user expectations and where we needed to improve.

When we probed what was working well, customers shared that the best parts of our platform include the ability to visualize and communicate work, ease of use, and planning and prioritization.


On the other hand, when asked where ProductPlan could be improved, customers shared that Product Strategy & OKRs, planning and prioritization, and visualizing and communicating work were the most critical areas.


In the past few months, we focused on developing many areas of our product management platform, including our Strategy, Teams, and API features. However, our survey results tell us that there is still room for improvement.

While our team has put in a lot of work to go beyond roadmapping, we plan on revisiting the heart of our software and prioritizing efforts to improve the functionalities that customers value most.

The feedback shared in this customer survey was consistent, leading our team to invest in the problems we aim to help our users solve. We hear all of our customer feedback, and we remain committed to empowering organizations to effortlessly craft, communicate, and prioritize strategic roadmaps with confidence.

Our ongoing commitment to solving customer problems

Our customers’ honest insights about their experience using our platform will have a lasting impact on our roadmap and the direction of our products.

While our team continues to do what we do best—work hard to provide the most value to our users—we welcome all of our customers’ feedback and hope you’ll stay tuned to see what changes we’ll announce in our major Fall Release. As a result of your feedback, there are some exciting improvements coming soon.

We value your feedback and believe continuous improvement is a powerful way for product leaders to embrace change and innovation.

If you’re a current ProductPlan customer and have insights to share, we encourage you to contact our Product Team at product@productplan.com. Let’s keep the conversation going!