Enhancing ProductPlan’s API: A Customer-Centric Approach

Phoebe Browning
Product Manager at ProductPlan

api collaboration workspace

If you’re like me, you’re a product champion who loves to chat about integrations and gets excited at the prospect of teaching your cohort about different integration strategies or thinking through how to automate an annoying task. You can only imagine what an exciting moment it was when ProductPlan, with your valuable input, released our new API v2. I’ll admit I may be a little biased…

But even if you aren’t, that’s okay! I’m happy to fill you in on why we’re so excited about this major expansion to our API offerings.

The ProductPlan API provides a powerful tool for accessing and modifying your ProductPlan data. We’ve designed it to be as user-friendly as possible, empowering you to make ProductPlan the home for your entire product development lifecycle. Keep reading to learn more about our recent API-related updates.

Why did ProductPlan make this change?

We spent a lot of time doing what we love—talking with our customers. Our goal was to fully understand the value a robust API brings to their organizations.

It was no surprise to us that our customers are interested in using the API, which needs to help them save time and effort in their work—especially when it comes to repetitive processes and activities.

We realize that it can be exhausting to copy and paste material from tool to tool or repeatedly log in on that tab you just closed because you need to cross-reference something. We’re hoping our APIs can help you center the information that matters to you in ProductPlan so you can focus on making the decisions that count.

Our new set of endpoints has created a framework for you to synchronize ProductPlan with other tools. You can automate tasks, center data, and ensure the accuracy of your key ideas between tools. You could take customer feedback from Salesforce and programmatically create Ideas, sync launch checklist tasks with Asana, or keep the progress on your OKRs up to date.

What’s included as a part of the API expansion?

Our new API v2 includes endpoints that touch on every major feature section within the ProductPlan platform, including an updated version of our preexisting Roadmaps and Bars endpoints. A high-level overview of what you can do with our API is as follows:

You can find the complete list of endpoints and official documentation here.

What’s next?

Our APIs are readily available to build custom integrations. They seamlessly connect to every part of our platform, making accessing and modifying information simple. And our customer success team is ready and excited to help!

Coming soon, ProductPlan will also offer a tool to help create custom integrations based in the cloud. This means if you don’t have the resources today to devote development time to connecting with our APIs, you can still integrate your tools with ProductPlan.

Our goal is to empower your team to own your product success, which includes cutting down on time spent on tasks that can be automated, allowing you to focus on what matters most—building better products.

If you’re a current ProductPlan customer on our Professional or Enterprise plan and your team is interested in joining us for beta testing of our new integration capabilities, please contact product@productplan.com to connect with our product team.