• Introduction

    The Product Launch

    We’ll be discussing the term “product launch” plenty of times throughout this guide. It’s important that we’re aligned on the definition before diving in.

  • Chapter 1

    Kickoff the Product Launch

    The upcoming product launch activities will include the involvement of representatives from most departments in your organization.

  • Chapter 2

    Product Development

    Demonstrating the value this product will bring to the business and its customers can be undervalued in product development.

  • Chapter 3

    The Role of the Roadmap

    Roadmaps aren’t just helpful in product management. They’re useful for a myriad of different roles and departments.

  • Chapter 4

    Cross-Departmental Engagement

    Different parts of the organization need different things to prepare for launch. Carve out time with each department, pursuing a specific agenda each time.

  • Chapter 5

    Set the Stage for Success

    Don’t overlook this step just because it falls outside of strategic product planning and product development. It’s your job to not only create a great product but to make it a successful one.

  • Chapter 6

    Product Launch Metrics

    Revisit the strategic goals for the product that were proposed before and during the product launch kickoff, and create consensus on concrete success metrics.

  • Chapter 7

    Hone Your Pitch

    After spending so much time obsessing over every detail of your product, you’re going to be excited to talk about it publicly, finally. If you’ve only got two minutes to talk about your product, what would you say?Download Your Product Launch Checklist ➜