How Product Managers Can Use Video to Improve Cross-Functional Team Alignment

Narrate Roadmap Walkthroughs with a Vimeo Recording: How Cool Is That!

As a product professional, you know a roadmap is a valuable tool. The roadmap allows you to create strategic alignment with teams across your company. And with ProductPlan’s new Vimeo integration (available only on our Professional and Enterprise plans), you can now make your roadmaps more straightforward. The integration provides you with the ability to create and share a recorded video walkthrough.

ProductPlan integrates with Vimeo.

ProductPlan’s roadmap app now has a Vimeo integration. You can create a visual recording.

You can start recording in just a few clicks.

Once you’ve added the Vimeo integration, here’s how easy it is to record a video walkthrough of your roadmap. You can find detailed instructions for setting up and using your Vimeo integration here

How to Benefit from Your ProductPlan Vimeo Integration

Here are just a few ways this integration can help you improve your efficiency and make sure you’re keeping all stakeholders up to date on product strategy.

1. Share important updates—and your enthusiasm—with your whole team.

At ProductPlan, we’re serious advocates about presenting your product roadmap to stakeholders. Among other benefits, a live roadmap presentation is one of the best ways to share your enthusiasm for your strategic plans.

Now, what happens when you want to share essential roadmap updates with your cross-functional team, but you can’t get them all together simultaneously? For example, what if some of those stakeholders are in different time zones?

Rather than simply sending a link to your updated roadmap or having multiple conversations to explain the same information, now you can send a video message to all teams at the same time. And you can use this video recording to explain your updates—and convey the enthusiasm you want your entire team to feel.

2. Keep a video journal to track changing strategic plans and priorities.

You can also use the ProductPlan Vimeo integration to maintain a journal of your team’s evolving thoughts about the product over time.

You might change course several times during development, and the roadmap’s succeeding versions will reflect those changes. But you can add more depth and context to your thinking by making short, simple video recordings as you make changes to the roadmap.

3. Increase stakeholder engagement with your roadmaps.

In communicating with thousands of product professionals to compile ProductPlan’s 2022 State of Product Management Report, we uncovered an interesting fact.

When we asked product managers how they share information and updates with internal teams, only 11% said they refer these stakeholders to the roadmap. Far more than half—62%—said they host live meetings and presentations, and 14% said they talk to stakeholders one-on-one whenever they can schedule the time.

But when we asked how they wished they could share this information, 35% of product managers chose the roadmap. That’s almost as many said they’d still prefer to hold a live presentation (45%).

We concluded that product professionals want to be there live (physically or virtually) to share product updates with their teams. That’s the best way to make sure everyone is aligned, and it’s also a great way to communicate that all-important enthusiasm. But circumstances don’t always allow those live meetings or conversations.

Discovering that finding from the product management community was one of the drivers behind our new ProductPlan Vimeo integration. We want to give you a tool to make your roadmaps more engaging—to help you bring your stakeholders back to those roadmaps again and again.

By recording a video message to accompany your product roadmap, you can have the best of both worlds. You can add context and depth to your roadmap by narrating its walkthrough. And you can create that content once, then share it with all your stakeholders, no matter where they are.

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