What is a Product Marketing Manager?

A product marketing manager (PMM) tells the product’s story to the market. The PMM’s job is to understand the product’s value proposition and turn that information into compelling messages for customers, prospects, and internal audiences.


Key Responsibilities of a Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers serve as liaisons between the product and audiences, including sales, marketing, customers, and prospects. Their tasks include the following:

  • Developing user and buyer personas.
  • Researching the market to learn the competitive environment.
  • Working with the marketing team to create materials that highlight product features and benefits.
  • Training the sales teams on how to articulate the products’ benefits to prospects.
  • Developing the go-to-market strategy.
  • Working with product management to define goals and metrics for the product launch.

Where Do They Report?

Product marketing managers report either to product management or the marketing department. In modern organizations, it is more common to find PMMs part of the marketing team. The reasoning behind this approach is logical. With product marketing closer to marketing, the PMM’s knowledge and strategic thinking about the product will help the marketing department develop more relevant tools and campaigns.

How Product Management Can Collaborate with Product Marketing Managers

Product managers and product marketing managers should work closely together. They can form a strategic team that guides a product from development through a successful market launch thanks in part to messaging that resonates with the product’s user personas.

The product management team, for example, handles strategic oversight of the product’s development. PMs set the strategic objectives and priorities for the product and look for opportunities to take advantage of trends or voids in the market.

At the same time, in coordination with the product team, the PMM will be translating the product’s strategic objectives into a message designed to resonate with its intended user base. They will also set a strategic plan for how and when to tell this story to the right people, to maximize the product’s chances of success.

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