IT Strategy Roadmap Template

IT Strategy Roadmap Template

  • Easily customize based on your organization’s needs
  • Status-based legend enables you to see a high-level view of each initiative’s progress
  • Timeline view with months shows the long-term view while allowing more detail on project duration

Making architecture changes or modifying operations takes a clear plan of where the organization is, where it wants to go, and how to get there. An IT strategy roadmap does just that; it lays out the direction of IT efforts that span across an organization in a simple way to align teams and key stakeholders.

This roadmap’s timeline spans over months, allowing visibility into what is in progress, what should be in flight, and what is planned. Utilize lanes to break up the purpose of initiatives into focus groups. The legend of this roadmap captures the status of each initiative and enables progress-tracking at a glance. Effortlessly make changes that communicate adjustments in priorities and efficiently communicate and align relevant teams around those changes.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
IT Team
Internal Teams
Time Horizon:
1 Year
Time Units:
Initiative Status