Product roadmaps are living, visual documents that convey the strategic direction of a product. These high-level summaries bring all the moving pieces involved with product management and product development together. They convey both aspirations (through the product vision) and plans (through initiatives) while also connecting product strategy to company strategy. When done effectively, product roadmaps communicate the “why” behind what you’re building.

Roadmap Examples ➜

However, that’s not the only objective of a roadmap. Effective product roadmaps help product management professionals and their teams achieve several things:

Over the course of the next few chapters, we’ll walk you through the roadmapping journey and equip you with everything you need to roadmap effectively. But before that…

Roadmaps Aren’t Only for Product Managers.

It’s worth noting before we continue that product management professionals are not the only people who can benefit from a visual roadmap.

A few of the many examples out there include:

The possibilities are endless. While this guide is written primarily for product management professionals, people in other roles interested in learning about roadmapping may also be able to learn from the advice and insight we’ve provided here.