ProductPlan Customers Tell Us How They Really Feel About Our Product Management Platform

Over the past ten years, you’ve heard from us a lot. Therefore, we think it’s time to turn the spotlight on who matters: our customers. Thanks to the review site G2, our users share their honest thoughts about our product management platform.

We love hearing directly from our customers. And what they have to say is helpful to anyone looking to learn more about how an end-to-end product management platform works. We’re excited to highlight some of the feedback they had to share below.

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Fostering better collaboration

It’s all too common to feel siloed, especially when working at an enterprise company or in a highly cross-functional role. Getting feedback and keeping people updated with outdated tools and increasingly remote teams is tough. Luckily, our customers have overcome these pesky silos thanks to the ProductPlan platform.

A verified user in the computer software space notes, “Before ProductPlan, we would have to update multiple sources constantly. It was hard to maintain and keep up to date while including only relevant information for specific groups. Now we can leverage tags in ProductPlan to create specific views that are always up to date. Overall it has already led to time savings and is improving how we communicate internally.”

Commenting on ProductPlan’s roadmap features, Tiffany W., a Product and Business Analysis Director, writes, “While we still maintain a couple of different styles of roadmaps (for different audiences), they are all in one place and they are all linked – making it easy to keep all of them up to date. Additionally, we have incorporated additional users to assist with collaboration on the relevant roadmaps, thus enhancing visibility and awareness and introducing better collaboration!”

Collaboration at every level is absolutely essential for success. Our customers have benefitted from how our platform serves as a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

Effective communication of the product strategy

Establishing and maintaining a focused product strategy is difficult. Internal and external stakeholders naturally have conflicting priorities. So how do you alleviate concerns and keep people engaged and bought into the strategy? Our users found the answers to these questions with ProductPlan’s help.

A verified user at an enterprise-level Consumer Goods company comments, “ProductPlan enables our team to share all of the activities that are going on in different areas so we can gain one clear view with the overall aim of using it to determine our medium to long term strategy. It is now forming a central part of our yearly planning process as it contains up-to-date information and can be manipulated as required to suit many different needs.”

Phillip P., a Software Engineer from a mid-market company, gets even more specific: “I use more than 20 roadmap templates a day easily. With ProductPlan it is relatively easy to plan, visualize and communicate a product strategy in a matter of minutes using the integrations with Jira, Slack, Trello to streamline each process.”

On getting buy-in, Dylan, a Product Marketing Manager at a small business, said: “I utilize ProductPlan to propose, visualize, show options, and track [the] progress of a full portfolio of products. This portfolio is made up of a number of products with overlapping requirements and dependencies. Being able to provide clear communication about this complex work is critical to getting buy-in and agreement amongst a large group of internal and external stakeholders.”

We live in an era where many companies are doing more with less. The successful ones have the product strategy at the center of everything they do. Subsequently, they continue to deliver innovative products their customers love. And ProductPlan is there to support them by organizing all the vital information in one place!

Keeping the focus on the outcome rather than the output

It can be tempting to fall into the trap of focusing on outputs during a product development lifecycle. Roadmaps and product strategies risk becoming a never-ending backlog if the emphasis on outcomes is absent. As a result, a product management team transforms into just another feature factory. With ProductPlan, product organizations don’t have to worry about this common planning pitfall.

A verified user at a mid-market insurance company stated that ProductPlan helps him “[Keep the focus on] outcomes: [by having the] ability to see all company product epics, initiatives, and features in one place, and categorize by customer journey/teams. [ProductPlan] saves time in creating packs with the information and allows stakeholders to self-serve the latest updates.”

Louisa, the Head of Global Marketing at an enterprise company, comments on how staying objective-focused with ProductPlan helped her team’s ROI: “We obtained better results in increasing our ROI, thanks to the fact that we had the support of ProductPlan to be our daily guide and to manage all our business plans and objectives.”

Productivity cannot be solely measured by items checked on a to-do list. With ProductPlan, our customers can ensure the work they are doing aligns with the larger business goals. As a result, everything they launch delivers outcomes that support success and growth.

We’re just getting started

The feedback our customers share with us is invaluable to the work we’re doing on our end-to-end product management solution. We look forward to hearing more from our customers in the future! We cannot thank our customers enough for their continued support.

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