To continue our efforts to build a streamlined and intuitive user experience, we are excited to announce that we have rebuilt and enhanced how you import new data into your roadmap. This new UI will help guide you (whether you’re a new user or a ProductPlan veteran) through the import process, will eliminate confusion, and allow you to place valuable data into your roadmap so it can act as your single source of truth. 

Let’s take a look!

By clicking on Import, you will notice a drawer will now slide out from the right and will have each active integration listed clearly. You will be able to select the integration you wish to import from and will be taken to the next import step. Our new import drawer also allows you to import without an integration using a CSV or XLS. If you do not have any integrations set up and wish to, the workflow will walk you through those steps.

Based on the selected integration, each step within the workflow will appear and will prompt you to enter in the required information. One additional value add for this new UI flow is the ability to preview what you’ve selected to import to make sure you’re importing the desired information. For easy navigation to a previous step, we have included a back button within the header of the workflow. 

If you need additional guidance through the workflow, go ahead and check out the Importing Your Roadmap Data support guide.  

If you are importing with Jira and ADO, be sure to map Lanes and Legends by selecting the desired field from the drop-downs for a quick import saving you valuable time. Refer to the best practices for mapping Lanes and Legends to help you make the right field selections.

Other Enhancements

  1. Introducing breadcrumbs to the Roadmap Index. You are now able to easily navigate from one roadmap to the next by selecting the breadcrumb at the top of the page.
  2. Increased usability of the browser back and forward buttons. You are now able to easily navigate between roadmaps and views, by selecting the back button to navigate to the previous page. You will also save time by bookmarking specific roadmaps or views for easy access.