Your roadmap should be your single source of truth – a central place to track progress, sort through a backlog of ideas, and find important details about each initiative. To make it easier to keep everything in one place, we recently added support for custom field mapping to our Jira and ADO integrations. Our goal was to help you bring additional information from your most essential tools into ProductPlan without having to manually enter it yourself. With custom field mapping, you can standardize your data across your toolkit. 

Now, if you’re an Enterprise customer, you can map fields from Jira/ADO to the custom fields you’ve created within ProductPlan. 

Up until today, you could only map Jira and ADO fields to the core fields within ProductPlan – fields like Description, Strategic Importance, and Notes. But what if the information you want to bring over doesn’t quite make sense mapped to any of those fields? 

We want to make sure the information you bring into ProductPlan has an appropriate place on your roadmap. 

For example, instead of adding the Jira “Assignee” field to the “Notes” section of your roadmap bar (thrown in alongside any other notes you may have), you can now map the Assignee field to its own “Owner” custom field. This helps you keep your roadmap details organized and see important information in its own text field at a glance.

Bug Fixes

In other news, we also fixed an issue where customers couldn’t reset their Jira integration if a Jira connection had become invalid. You can now disconnect the integration and set it up again whenever one of your Jira connections becomes invalid.