The big new feature for this week’s release is custom field mapping for both Jira and Azure DevOps. In the past, importing additional fields from either integration required manual entry that took time, and would often result in important information getting left off the roadmap. 

No longer. If you’re an Enterprise customer, you can now bring additional fields from Jira and ADO into your roadmap, and customize how they map to the core fields within ProductPlan. This allows you to standardize your data across your toolkit and reduce the amount of time you and your team spend on manual updates. Huzzah!   

Even if you’re not an Enterprise customer, you’ll still find a brand new integration UI that will better guide you through the setup and sync process. 

That’s the big news, but not the only news. We’ve got a slew of additional enhancements in this week’s release. Check out the full list of changes below: 


  1. We now have custom mapping for Jira and ADO! If you’re an Enterprise user, you will be able to customize which fields in Jira/ADO map to the core fields in ProductPlan (Title, Description, Start Date, End Date, Percent Complete, Tags, Effort, Strategic Importance, and Notes).


  1. Roadmaps will be zoomed all the way out when entering PNG zoom. (This change reflects the most commonly logged case where users zoom all the way out to show their entire roadmap in a single PNG.)
  2. Keyboard Movements are now available in tag based views for list view.
    1. You can now move left and right. Some notes, since bars can “span” multiple columns, moving a bar through a column where that bar also exists, will put the bar “back” while passing through it. This is much easier to see in practice than to describe. Please play with it and report any issues to be investigated.
  3. We replaced the cog icon for toggling columns with a button that says “Edit Columns”
  4. We’ve added contextual UI in the Prioritization board based on the layout that you’re coming from. 
    1. This will only trigger if the board is empty. The new design will include a “Start Prioritizing” button that launches a pendo guide from each layout.