A few months ago, we hosted a product management networking event in downtown Los Angeles along with Pivotal Tracker and Notion. Together, we formed The Product Stack, a coalition of product manager allies helping our peers build customer-centric products. The “product stack” represents a set of tools and frameworks for product managers — like the “development stack” does for software developers.

Our next event (heads up to Colorado PMs) will be at Galvanize Denver on the evening of May 2nd, and we’re planning to host more events around the US in the near future.

Product Stack LA featured a panel discussion on product management trends moderated by Suzanne Abate, host of the popular 100 PM podcast. Panelists included Greg Goodman from ProductPlan, Dan Podsedly from Pivotal Tracker, and Laure Parsons from Notion. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the discussion. Greg is a seasoned entrepreneur, Laure has a background in film and storytelling, and Dan lead the charge to transform Tracker from a Pivotal Labs side project into a marketable product.

Watch the full panel discussion and hear their take on the latest trends in product management. And stay tuned for more content like this — we’ll also be recording our panel discussion in Denver on the topic of effectively scaling product organizations.

Also in this video:

  • Making the shift from “product owners” to “problem owners”
  • Skillsets that will be essential for tomorrow’s product managers
  • Technical PMs, growth PMs, and other iterations of the product management role