Design Tools Webinar | The Must-Haves in Your Product Stack

What’s In Your Product Stack: Design Tools

Are you a product manager who struggles to understand how designers work? Or a designer looking for the best tools to communicate with the rest of the product team? From Mock-ups, prototypes, and design assets, Photoshop used to be the only game in town. But the product design tool stack has expanded. Designers have become more ingrained in the product development life cycle. Now, many wonder “what’s a figma?”

Our expert panel broke down the tools and workflows they rely on to deliver designs to customers and internal stakeholders. They walked through real examples and answered your questions along the way.


Kevin Steigerwald, Director of Product Design at Jama Software

Hannah Maher, Senior Experience Designer at Autodesk

Jeff Borkgren, Product Designer at Jama Software

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