IMPACT: Spark Your Product Success with an Impact-first Focus

IMPACT: Spark Your Product Success with an Impact-first Focus

There are hundreds of great product processes and frameworks – and as a product aficionado I love learning about the creative ways people are scaling their product orgs. The challenge isn’t in finding one, the challenge is in knowing which is worth the investment that will best serve your organization.

This led me to create a framework that thinks through all elements of the product manager role with an impact-first approach. From hiring and career, to processes, to roadmaps, to prioritization, and more. Throughout this book, I share how IMPACT is a mindset, or an overarching set of principles, that provide the foundation for evaluating processes and removing barriers. With IMPACT, it’s easier to determine where you need to invest in process change and adapt best practices to fit your needs.

In this webinar, I give an exclusive preview of my new book. I’ll share how to evaluate product workflows and identify the greatest opportunities with IMPACT. With an Impact-first mindset, every process and part of the organization can be more effective. Product teams can identify which processes and changes will accelerate outcomes

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