This UX/UI roadmap includes initiatives related to user experience, user interface, and user research. Usability and design are key components of any product, and a dedicated UX/UI roadmap can help teams organize and prioritize design-related projects. Developing a UX/UI roadmap as early as possible in the product development process ensures that the company’s goals for ease of use and around creating a great user experience are at the forefront of everything being built. Additionally, your UX/UI roadmap and product roadmap should work together and reinforce each other at each stage of development.

Key Features

  • Great for mapping out your UX/UI related initiatives over time
  • Initiatives are grouped together in swimlanes
  • Color-coded according to project phase

This example roadmap is fairly high-level—it covers a timeframe of a little over 6 months and the timeline is broken down into quarters. Some example UX/UI initiatives—shown as containers on the roadmap above—are updating an app’s visual design and improving the user onboarding experience. The initiatives do not include granular dates, and the roadmap is not intended to communicate specific deadlines but rather to give a general overview of what to expect from the design team over the coming months.