A multiple product roadmap is used to coordinate efforts among the different products or initiatives in your company’s portfolio. A roadmap that visualizes multiple products is a great communication tool for organizations with a single product manager responsible for multiple products or product categories. A multiple product roadmap is also useful when a development team needs to coordinate efforts across multiple products, or when you want to maintain a consistent strategic plan across multiple products. This roadmap is easy to share and allows for simpler communication with stakeholders—like executives—since it rolls up various initiatives into one consolidated overarching plan.

Key Features

  • Great for tracking multiple product lines in one place
  • Color-coded according to completion status
  • High level 6 month timeframe with release milestones

In the example multiple product roadmap above, each product has its own swimlane. Within each swimlane, containers are used to further categorize web, mobile, and marketing initiatives for each product. The color-coding is used to symbolize the status of each initiative — whether it is planned, approved, in development, or completed. The time horizon in this example is set for 6 months with months and quarters displayed as time units.