Agile Roadmap Template

  • Great for dev teams that want to communicate sprint plans
  • Based on a 2-week agile sprint cycle
  • Milestones are used to show major releases
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Quick facts

Use Case:
Agile Dev Team

Agile Dev Teams, Stakeholders

Time Units:
2-week Sprints


Strategic Goals

Time Horizon:
3 Months

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Agile development teams use project management software to track their backlogs, but they still benefit from using a high-level agile roadmap to communicate the broader direction of their product. Agile product roadmaps must remain flexible to better respond to emerging opportunities, making it necessary for agile companies to strike the right balance between long-term vision and short-term execution. However, the agile roadmap must also provide a clear direction for the team—at least in the short term. Using this roadmap template can help you craft a more agile-friendly product roadmap that supports your team in their agile goals.

The example above is a timeline-based roadmap that spans a shorter time-horizon, with sprints for time markers. The swimlanes in this roadmap designate features, operations, and UX initiatives. The color-coding on an agile roadmap is often used to represent teams, status, or strategic goals.