The product launch plan roadmap is typically managed by the product marketing team to coordinate efforts across different teams. In addition to generating revenue, a launch can build anticipation and market awareness for the product. Your product launch plan should be a blueprint that represents the high-level plans and goals for an initiative, and not be a detailed to-do list.

Key Features

  • Great for product marketing teams that are planning the release of a new product
  • Swimlanes show different functional responsibilities
  • Milestones are used to mark dates that are important to all teams

A product launch plan is usually a timeline-based roadmap that clearly communicates the deliverables in relation to time. This product launch plan example is organized by the type of initiative. The four categories, represented by swimlanes, are product/service management, branding/marketing, channel management, and sales/post-sales. The time horizon for this product launch plan is six months, with colors visually communicating the phase of each initiative—from research to strategy to action. Milestones designate the crucial deadlines for go/no-go testing, launching the beta version, and making the product generally available.