A marketing strategy roadmap communicates your high-level marketing plan to important stakeholders across your organization. This type of marketing roadmap serves as an umbrella roadmap for the individual plans around specific campaigns, events, and product launches. Its real value is in how it can educate the rest of the organization and build alignment and support. A marketing strategy roadmap like this one can also be used in conjunction with more granular marketing roadmaps like content calendars or mobile marketing plans.

Key Features

  • Great for mapping out your marketing initiatives over time
  • Initiatives are grouped together in swimlanes
  • Color-coded according to project phase

This example marketing strategy roadmap does not include any specific dates. Instead, it shows only the general sequence of marketing initiatives and which initiatives are required by others. The legend indicates which phase each initiative belongs to: analysis, execution, or evaluation. The swimlanes categorize the initiatives into functional areas. For example, the last lane includes only those initiatives having to do with optimization, such as tweaking copy and adjusting investments.