A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines your marketing strategy and efforts. It is a high-level roadmap that provides your stakeholders with a general overview of marketing initiatives across different categories. In the example above, the roadmap is organized by the type of initiative and color-coded by the phase of the initiative. You could also categorize initiatives by their owners or by strategic goals, such as increasing revenue, expanding to new markets, or reducing churn.

Key Features

  • Great for communicating your marketing plan to executives
  • Swimlanes show different functional areas of the marketing team
  • An 8-month timeframe keeps your marketing team agile but strategic

This example roadmap is divided into four swimlanes. The first contains product and service management efforts, and subsequent swimlanes focus on branding, channel management, and sales initiatives. Milestones intersect the roadmap to indicate specific goals or deadlines, such as the date of a marketing review and when Salesforce is being implemented.