IT Infrastructure Roadmap Template

  • Easily understand each team’s responsibilities
  • Visually communicate areas of focus with defined lanes
  • Timeline-based roadmap enables you to keep the focus on the long-term, rather than the individual project durations
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Quick facts

Use Case:
IT and Engineering Teams

Executive and Internal Teams

Time Units:

Strategic Focus


Time Horizon:
1 Year

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IT infrastructure is the foundation that all business services run on, but it requires constant transformations and improvements. These upgrades and rapidly evolving new technologies require a roadmap to set expectations, estimate investments, and plan for change management. Using an IT infrastructure roadmap can help IT teams update key stakeholders and chart tactical IT decisions and priorities to align with organizational goals.

This timeline IT infrastructure roadmap omits months to keep viewers focused on the long-term, high-level goals rather than fixating on specific project durations. Displaying quarters enables for understanding the order of priorities, and in keeping teams accountable over the 1-year roadmap time horizon. Swimlanes display focus-areas and easily group up all initiatives. Using the legend to communicate teams gives an overview of each team’s responsibilities. Easily see what is in flight, what is next, and what is complete with an IT infrastructure roadmap.