Managing people is no easy task, but that’s where an HR roadmap can help. Use an HR roadmap to stay on track with current initiatives, to plan out future efforts, and to visually know the order of operations at any stage in the process.

Key Features

  • A dateless roadmap that visually communicates HR priorities
  • Timeline-based layout that clearly conveys the order of operations
  • An organized legend that ties each initiative to a strategic goal

This HR roadmap is a timeline-based roadmap that spans out the prioritized initiatives—making it easy to know what is happening right now and what is coming up next. Omitting dates helps to alleviate the pressure of deadlines so that hiring the right people becomes the priority, instead of meeting a due date. Breaking up swimlanes by focus areas and departments enables the visual separation of order of operations. Initiatives all tie back to strategic goals, from documentation to hiring, making each initiative associated with a clearly defined “why.” Use an HR roadmap to keep the HR team/department on track with goals, and to align key stakeholders across your organization.