When presenting your roadmap to executives, you need a high-level, strategic view. The value of an executive-facing portfolio roadmap comes from staying focused on what moves the needle as the goal is to keep things general and directional versus drowning in detail. Use an executive-facing portfolio roadmap to easily communicate initiatives, goals, themes, and priorities without straying from a holistic view.

Key Features

  • Theme-based roadmap to communicate the big-picture plans
  • Legend conveys levels of certainty to account for potential changes
  • Color-coded plan for easy sharing and presentation

This executive-facing portfolio roadmap template has a one-year time horizon that is divided up into quarters, so you can quickly convey big-picture plans at a glance. The swimlanes visually separate the various products in the portfolio on this one roadmap, instead of needing to switch to different roadmaps to view each product individually. You can also nestle specific initiatives within each strategic theme—then organize those themes as containers. The legend in this roadmap conveys the level of certainty of each initiative, from high certainty to uncertain. This process allows the product team to focus on outcomes in the presentation, with the flexibility to later flesh out a theme you may be working on.