A business roadmap is a valuable tool for communicating company vision and facilitating growth. When using a business roadmap, it becomes clear how various roles, tasks, and responsibilities come together. Unlike with product roadmaps, dates are an essential aspect of business roadmaps because these types of roadmaps are about logistics. If constructed with thoughtful and thorough consideration, a business roadmap lays out everything required to turn a business plan into a reality.

Key Features

  • Great for mapping out your business goals over time
  • Functional teams are grouped together in swimlanes
  • Color-coded according to overall strategic goals

In this business roadmap template, the swimlanes represent different functional areas of the company, such as operations, marketing, product development, and PR. The legend encodes strategic goals like increasing revenue and building brand awareness. The time horizon of this business roadmap example is set at 1 year, with months and quarters used to clearly display order and priority.

A business roadmap like this one can be used to keep stakeholders aligned on the strategic direction of the company and to track the progress of initiatives across various departments.