We have two features/enhancements for you in this week’s release, both designed to help you better integrate ProductPlan with the other tools you use. 

The first is a long-awaited feature for our Jira integration. We now allow you to link individual bars in ProductPlan to specific Jira queries. If you click into a bar in your roadmap and scroll down to the Links section, you’ll find an interface for linking either a single Jira issue or a multi-issue Jira search query. This is great for ensuring all relevant Jira queries are represented within your roadmap.

The second is a custom fields import enhancement for CSV / XLS spreadsheets. If you want to import an existing spreadsheet into your ProductPlan roadmap, you can now map any of your spreadsheet columns to custom fields you’ve created within ProductPlan. This will help you keep your roadmap items consistent across your toolkit, regardless of how you have your roadmap organized.  

For the complete rundown of everything new in this release, see below:


  • You can now link a Jira query to a bar, with support to calculate percent complete for any issues included in that query


  • You can now map custom fields in ProductPlan to columns in your spreadsheet during XLS/CSV import

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue on the table where filtering would sometimes break when a roadmap had numeric values for effort