There are two enhancements new to ProductPlan this week. 

We know our customers love using containers to better organize their roadmaps and group certain initiatives together. Now, when you want to import your roadmaps via a spreadsheet, you can map columns in your spreadsheet to a container in ProductPlan. This means you can create a container upon importing and import contained bars into the container of your choice. A great way to go from nothing to a roadmap (organized with containers) in minutes. 

Our second enhancement involves Filters. In the past, Personal Filters have often been confused with View Filters and Custom Views. We want to make it easier for you to understand when you’re applying your own personal filter vs. when you’re saving a custom view.  


So we’ve updated our messaging to make it clear when filters have been applied. We’ve included a button on the Filter Roadmap UI so you can save your filters as a new view. 

And we’ll also tell you when you have unsaved filters in case you want to save them as a new view for future sharing. 

That’s the good stuff. Here’s the full picture: 


  1. XLS/CSV Import: During the import process, you can choose a column in the spreadsheet (Contained by) that specifies a bar’s container (matched by bar name).
  2. New Filtering messages have been added into strategic places to help:
    1. Make it clearer when filters are applied
    2. Make it easy to turn Personal Filters into View Filters
    3. Make it easy to create a new View from current View & Personal Filters
  3. Sprints will now load the roadmap onto the current sprint. Speak to your CSM to have them enable this feature for you. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Reduced text shifting/jumping when inline editing a field on the table
  2. Fixed an issue where unparked bars would end up in a random position on the planned table. They will now appear at the top.