We want to give our customers a space to create, update, and maintain your roadmap details. With a new and improved Table View, our customers can reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and other static file formats to fully own the data behind their roadmaps. With an assortment of new improvements, you will now encounter much less friction managing the bars and containers from your table, and find essential new functionalities like:

But we’re not done. Today, we’re adding a new feature that will allow you to move a group of existing bars into an existing container on the Table

Containers are a way to keep your roadmap items organized. By placing initiatives in containers, you can show which jobs to be done roll up into larger projects. Now, you can grab a group of those initiatives from the Table and place them an existing container of your choice. 

Here’s everything else that’s new this week: 


  1. You can now bulk move bars to the container on the table! 
  2. You will now see an indication on a bar and in bar details whenever a linked Jira issue can no longer be found

Bug Fixes

  1. Added support for more than 27 roadmaps on a portfolio view
  2. Integration field mappings: Fixed an issue where strategic importance would not properly map
  3. Integration field mappings: Fixed an issue where users could not switch date mappings
  4. Table column header font sizes, colors, and padding are now consistent 
  5. Changing the start date of a Portfolio roadmap can no longer can cause lanes to be duplicated