Our Table View is a workspace for our customers to comb through the finer details of their roadmap, whether that be prioritizing what items get added to the roadmap, or editing and arranging what’s already there. To make using the Table View even easier, we added a few enhancements this week. 

Click into a column header to find new options to sort columns alphabetically or – in the case of the “Effort” column –  from low to high or high to low (note: this is only available for columns with a single item in the table cell). You can also hide the column altogether if you want to declutter your space. Sorting makes it easy for you to arrange items in your table by common Lanes, Strategic Goals, and more. 

Also, if you open the “edit columns” dropdown, you’ll find you can now show connections in Table View. Clicking into a listed connection will allow you to add new connections or open the connected items already listed. It’s great for quickly hopping around your table to discover what items require (or are required by) what.  

For a comprehensive list of everything in this week’s release, see below:


  1. Table Column Header Menu – choose which direction to sort your roadmap items or hide the column
  2. Connections Viewable in the Table – connections can now be shown as a column in Table View
    1. Connections will show you bar details on the table rather than navigate you to timeline


  1. We added icons to Jira links that represent the issue type
  2. We updated to the latest Slack API (old API methods being deprecated)
  3. API: We added an additional parameter that allows users to show all roadmaps they have access to

Bug Fixes

  1. Connections lines are now able to appear again in Portfolios
  2. Fixed an issue where moving a contained Bar in List View by Tags resets the bar’s date to the start of the roadmap 
  3. The “add connection” modal is now correctly styled
  4. Team Trials will no longer be able to add multiple admins