Better Readability for Bar Titles in List View

We’ve improved the readability of longer bar and container titles in ProductPlan’s List View.  In the past, longer titles were truncated, requiring you to hover over a bar or container to read the full title. 

Now, longer titles feature text wrapping, which will allow you to see the entire title without having to hover over or click through. This also works for exported roadmaps

Note: In order to implement readable bar titles in List View, you will now only be able to export your roadmap to a PNG (PDF export was incompatible with this update). The functionality is the same, but please reach out to your CSM or connect with us over Intercom if you experience any problems with this. 

Quality of Life Enhancements for Roadmap Conversations

Comments added to your roadmap will now appear in real-time. This helps keep conversations flowing without the need for constant app refreshes.

Whenever you mention a team member in a comment, they will now receive a notification in the form of a red dot appearing alongside the comments menu icon. You can also now resolve all comments on a particular roadmap by clicking the “resolve all” button.

A New Notification for Disappearing Bars

Sometimes when you add a bar to a roadmap, that bar disappears. It’s not a bug. It happens when you add a bar to a filtered view (and then that bar is immediately filtered out of the view). To help you better understand when this happens, we’ve added a simple notification to let you know. 

Other Bug Fixes