• Users can now add bars to their Prioritization set from all over the app!
    • Bulk Prioritize from the Table
    • Bulk Prioritize from the Timeline
    • Add a bar to the Prioritization set from the right-click menu on Bars
    • Add a bar to the Prioritization set from the context menu on Bars
    • Add a search result to the Prioritization set, so long as the bar exists on the loaded Roadmap
  • Work items imported from Azure DevOps will have their tags brought over.
  • Trial admins can now invite additional users to their account during the onboarding flow.
    • Additional users will also have roadmap permissions for the initially created roadmap.
  • The License Assignment Modal  makes it easy for Admins to assign the licenses after purchasing via the subscribe modal.


Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Users can now delete custom fields that have been created
  • Enterprise admins can now share/transfer roadmaps from the “Super Admin” page
  • Added support for additional SAML attributes for email and user name based on Shibboleth standards (commonly used by universities and public institutions)
  • Added updated_at filter to API for roadmaps/bars/ideas
  • Fixed an issue with custom field labels not being immediately available in list view
  • SAML Service Provider metadata will now show proper entityID