• Table Layout: Easily view your planned and parked items in the newly redesigned Table Layout. Table Layout lets you view, edit and export items from your roadmap (planned) or backlog (parked).
  • Super Admin permissions: Enterprise Plans can now enable “Super Admins” for better account management and roadmap permissions.
  • Custom fields: Admins can now create and configure a custom text field that can be displayed on roadmap items. Use it to show Release Dates, OKRs, Projected Revenue or whatever property works best for your team. Note: custom fields do not currently display in the Table Layout.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Azure Devops integration now ignores work items in the “Removed” category.
  • Dates are displayed in sprint-based List View roadmaps.
  • Excel export now handles duplicate lane milestones.
  • Hovering over elements near the top and bottom of the browser and the context menu will now always render within the viewport.