• Easily update Kanban boards, Product Owner overview, or other tag based views of your roadmap with Drag and Drop. Once you’ve set up a List View organized by tags, you can easily reassign tags by dragging bars and containers to a new column.
  • Introducing support for Jira Next Gen! With the updated integration, easily view how your epics are tracking. Link to initiatives and view percent complete at a glance.
  • We’re paving the way for more updates to your Roadmap layout. You will now find your zoom controls out of the way and in the lower right of your screen. You will also notice a new experience when editing or moving multiple bars.
  • Newly updated template in our Template Library

Bug Fixes

  • Performance issues were identified around Master Plan and Parking lot load times, these have been improved.
  • Editors will now see the correct status of bar titles and descriptions that are sync’ed with a third party, regardless of the editor’s integration configuration.