IT Service Management Roadmap Template

IT Service Management Roadmap Template

  • Easily manage each initiative’s progress with a status-based legend
  • Timeline-based roadmap enables you to communicate the long-term strategy
  • Efficiently communicate your overall strategy to the wider organization with simple sharing capabilities

In order to implement, manage, and deliver IT services, you need a roadmap that is simple enough to tell the story of your strategy while still engaging your primary stakeholders.

The long-term timeline view motivates your key change agents with a holistic understanding of your strategy at a glance. With a timeline view, you can accurately set expectations but also include any important dates. Recognize the order of each project at a glance by utilizing this classic Gantt-chart style roadmap. Communicate progress with this color-coded, status-based legend. Unlike a static Gantt-chart, any changes in priorities can be easily made; enabling staying on course to be effortless.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
IT Team
Internal Teams
Time Horizon:
1 Year
Time Units:
Months & Quarters
Initiative Status