Discover the Power of Pricing Experiments

What’s inside for you

Software product pricing is a complex and tricky topic—one of the most difficult aspects of product management to get right. But despite possessing the greatest opportunity for growth, most SaaS companies are afraid to experiment with their pricing.

We wrote this book to help product managers build experimentation into the pricing strategy to get to a more profitable product.

Pricing needs to be built into your product’s DNA, not treated as an afterthought. Throughout my career, I’ve had a hand in setting pricing for several successful SaaS products, including GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, AppFolio, and ProductPlan. I’ve learned that a smart pricing strategy requires not only an in-depth understanding of the market but a proactive mindset and willingness to adapt to the competitive landscape.

Jim Semick
Jim Semick
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at ProductPlan