Data Highlights

What primarily influences the development of your product strategy?

Of course you don’t develop your product strategy in a vacuum. Besides your company goals, there are going to be other influences. We found a fairly even split between internal influence and external influences. Roughly 46% of respondents said the primary influence of product strategy was direction from Senior Leadership (31%) or sales/support feedback (16%).

Influences contributed to the need to consolidate tools:

What drives the need to consolidate tools? Nearly 3⁄4’s of respondents indicated an influence for consolidating tools was the need for standardizing tools across teams/ departments and nearly half said lack of visibility and data silos was another reason.

What artificial intelligence/machine learning use cases are you considering or have implemented?

In 2023, we all saw AI go from a curiosity to a business essential. It’s no surprise that over 50% of respondents have identified their first AI use case and 19% are already using it in multiple places.