Roadmaps aren’t static. They evolve over time. New initiatives are added. Existing initiatives are reshaped. Others are deprioritized. 

For anyone who wants to understand how a roadmap has evolved, keeping track of these changes can be a chore – especially if they don’t revisit the roadmap on a regular basis. In the past, this caused roadmap owners to spend additional time exporting their roadmap and building presentations that surface changes for their stakeholders. 

We want to make it easier to build more context into your roadmap. Today, we’re excited to introduce the ability to highlight how your roadmap has changed over time

When you open the History menu from the right-hand sidebar, you will now see an option to toggle on the ability to highlight changes to bars in the roadmap. From there, select which actions you’d like to see visualized on your roadmap and then select “done”. 

As you can see, the selected actions are now highlighted on your roadmap. At a glance, you can see which bars have been added, moved, resized, or edited. The full list of supported actions includes the following:

This will make it easy for you to provide your stakeholders with a quick, visual summary of how your plans have changed since they last looked at your roadmap

Highlight Changes is launching as an open beta feature, which means everyone with a ProductPlan account will have access to it. We encourage you to let us know what you like about this feature as well as anything you think could be improved. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with feedback. 

For everything else new this week, check out our list of Enhancements below:


  1. Roadmap Conversations has been officially released into General Availability with a few general enhancements