Product and feature launches can feel like an overwhelming, impossible nightmare. They don’t have to anymore. Today we are thrilled to announce the beginning of the Launch Management open beta. Available exclusively to users on our Professional and Enterprise plans, Launch Management provides you with a single space to plan, track, and share your upcoming launches

Unlike any tool, Launch Management is designed with product teams in mind that manage a cross-functional go-to-market process. The Launch Management platform helps your product team transform inconsistent and adhoc launch processes into visible, flexible, and repeatable plans that live right alongside your roadmap.

For our closed beta participants, you will also notice a few enhancements to Launch Management that we’ve added this week that are now available to all.


Sections have now been added to Launch Management! Sections provide an easy way to organize your Launch Checklist and break it up into separate parts. 

Do you need to ensure one group of launch tasks are completed before you move on to the next group? Sections are great for creating these kinds of “phase gates”. Or maybe you need to clearly delineate launch tasks by ownership. In that instance, consider creating a section that houses tasks for each team (i.e. product, marketing, customer success). 

There are many ways you can slice and dice it. The important thing is that we support whatever system works best for you and your organization. 

Launch Progress


In the Launch Dashboard, you will find a new column has been added that calculates the progress of your launch based on the percentage of completed launch tasks in your checklist. Helpful for discerning at a glance whether you’re on track or at risk of falling behind. 

The Launch Dashboard also now features a more prominent button to help direct you and other viewers to the checklist associated with a given launch. 

Other Enhancements

  1. View the start and end dates at a glance. Hover over a bar in both timeline and list views to view the added information.
  2. New alignment of milestones on the timeline. See the month clearly when dragging a new milestone onto the timeline. 
  3. Add a lane at the same time you’re adding a new bar. Save time and add a lane when creating a new bar for your roadmap.